Monday, May 27, 2013

Edjumacate Yerselves

Hello lovelies.

I only have 31 minutes left of Monday. My mom often asks me why I procrastinate so often, and I usually just say "Meh, I like living on the edge."

Not really. I'm just scatter-brained.

As some of you may know (but most of you may not) I am one of the adult leaders for HDC's ABS program. ABS stands for Area Bible Study, and it consists of several houses set up through out the desert, which allow kids to show up at a nearby location and get plugged in to High Desert Church (which has an enormously large congregation) and study scripture on Wednesday nights. But I've really never felt like ABS is about studying scripture, it's more about building relationships and seeing how God uses one another in each other's lives. It's pretty cool, really.

Well, I just attended our last *official* meeting of the year, where we threw a big party with ice cream sundays and the lot. But we also took a chance to honor our seniors, first with the guys, and then the girls. All the leaders were given the opportunity to tell them something. Some spoke up, some didn't. It is in my nature, of course, to speak up when I have the chance. But I wasn't just talking for talking's sake. I really did feel like there was something I needed to share with my kids.

For the guys, I reminded them of what a large role it is to be the leader of one's household, and that they are loving their wife and children better now (before they even exist) by cultivating their relationship with God before they even meet their future life partner. Men struggle, so much. I see it. And I GET it! Being the leader is so difficult! It's a high calling that God has given to all men, and few rise to the occasion. But many more are capable of doing so, if only they remembered that every moment of their youth counted towards something bigger, especially in terms of their relationship with God, and that high calling of leadership could only be fulfilled if they let God take the reigns now, before they even have anyone to lead.

For my girls, I said much more, but there were two main things that I emphasized: give up every old AND new-found insecurity to God. Never hold it within yourself. Give it to Him, and allow Him to HELP you through it so that it can merely be a stumbling block to overcome, not a road block that halts all passage.

And then this: Don't ever let someone make you feel inferior. Don't ever let someone make you feel unintelligent. Don't ever let someone belittle you for your faith.

I say all these things to them, and I say them all to you now, with EXTRA emphasis on the last bit. In this last semester I had taken two classes that severely challenged my faith using very intelligent antagonists coming from respectable places such as Harvard and M.I.T. And they also placed a lot of "facts" that we now "know" based on interpreted evidence that all scientists, sociologists, and archeologists have. The only problem was, the material was so ridiculously biased, it made it difficult to take it all seriously. But nonetheless, it wasn't just a bunch of crap. These very secular, atheistic opinions aren't coming from idiots- they're coming from very intelligent people.

That's why I encourage you all- no matter what walk of life you are currently in- to educate yourselves. Don't feel like you're being unfaithful to God by asking questions. You MUST ask questions in order to ever supply yourself with any answers when others poke and prod you. And that has been one things I have seen a great deal- people who are intent on proving that there is no God will poke and prod you like there's no tomorrow. Many secular debaters act as if they are completely unbiased, with no motive or agenda. But this is simply untrue- their agenda is to prove that this world is Godless, just as much as our agenda is to prove that this world is a product of God.

Both sides have their faults in the arguments- many secularists are very belittling, hostile, and downright arrogant. BUT, many theists are very ignorant, impatient, judgmental, and exclusive.

Your job is to be neither. Your job is to be educated. Your job is to challenge yourself, and find a solid faith- not just believe whatever it is your church tells you is true.

I hope this has challenged some of you this week. I'd love to hear your thoughts and what you believe is a wise way to go about educating ourselves as Christians.

God bless, lovelies.

- Christina Lynn

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